Empanadas Che was founded in the Spring of 2015 when Bianca decided to no longer spend her days locked up inside an office in the corporate world. From a young age Bianca was always talking about food, eating food, creating food so it was time to put this passion into practise and so was born Empanadas Che.

The Team:

Bianca Izurieta, Empanada Artisan
Bianca was first inducted into empanadas by her grandmother Abuela Titi and from a young age has been busy creating the most delicious flavours to be found inside Empanadas.

Cristina Gines, Business Manager
Cristina was born in Argentina. She was also brought up by Abuela Titi (Leonor). Cristina works on sales, marketing and catering and is the hands behind our handmade pastry.