Introducing Empanadas Che

Empanadas Che has a strong familial connection to Argentina with access to many secret recipes that have been handed down through the generations

Our Team

Introducing The Founders of Empanadas Che

Empanadas Che is a true family owned and operated business with a love for the delicious and hearty flavours originating from their homeland in Aregentina. Specalising in Empanadas and traditional Argentinian snack foods, Empanadas Che are simply delighted to introduce these mouth watering little snacks to the local market, so that you can enjoy them right here in Australia!

Bianca Izurieta, Empanada Artisan

Bianca was first introduced to empanadas by her Grandmother Abuela Titi and from a young age has been busy developing and perfecting the most delicious flavours to be found inside Empanadas.


Cristina Gines, Business Manager

Cristina was born in Argentina. She also developed a love of Argentinian food from her Mother Abuela Titi. Cristina works on sales, marketing and catering and is the hands behind the Empanadas Che handmade pastry.

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To find out more about Empanadas Che or how we can help you with your next order, simply contact us on 0493 091 603. We can also be reached by email on, or feel free to browse through our online shop to see what delicious snacks are available to order. We are so excited to bring our hand crafted South American flavours right to your doorstep, and can’t wait to hear from you!