I am in heaven!!! When discovering Empanadas Che, I immediately ordered two dozen to share with a friend and with my family. As a kid, I ate empanadas almost every day in Panama so these delicious treats took me back home again.I will definitely be ordering more and bringing friends/family to see you at the local markets!
Debbie Sanderfield Farrow

So amazing! The empanadas are so good, highly recommended
Letecia Jones

Absolutely delicious!!!
Fabulously fresh and tasty
Caroline Vina

Silvano has always enjoyed empanadas and his grandmother made the best.

Silvano comes every week for his ‘weekly fix’ and it was great to hear that “after my grandmothers’
Empanadas Che are the best I have had in my life, both in Argentina and Australia”

The best in Sydney. When I was in Brazil in May I ate one everyday looking for a familiar taste and it was only on one of the last days I found one in the market which was made by an Argentinian woman. The flavours are unique to Argentina & Bianca has hit the nail on the head.